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Final Verdict

Yext is the premier offering for location management, and is priced accordingly. However, that's really the only drawback to an otherwise extremely sophisticated and effective system that can quickly and easily make a major impact to your web traffic (and resulting physical traffic). Highly recommended.

We all know the importance of having business listings in as many online directories as possible, to maximize the SEO potential and to ensure that customers can find your business however they like to search. Directories like Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, and Google are just the start, and if you’re wanting to take a step up to covering dozens of search listing directories, Yext has a product for you. Yext Listings is a feature-rich offering that automatically syncs information from more than 50 major local directories and search engines.

All of the major fields in your business listings (rich or otherwise) can be customized, edited, and managed in a single convenient dashboard, and then synced across Yelp’s entire directory of directories, as it were.  Business listings can be merged directly into your website as well, creating a seamless experience that your customers will appreciate and that aids in conversion.

Yext Dashboard
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The product is simple to use and very reliable even in high-traffic sites, and while the cost can be a little pricey, it can easily pay for itself several times over. As opposed to some of the competition like UBL, Yext can also quickly and uniformly update data in a cohesive manner, ensuring that your customers aren’t left confused. Pricing structures are tiered, and you can even do a free scan to check your own listings without subscribing. There’s a reason that Yext is growing so rapidly, and we highly recommend that you check them out – after all, with a free scan there’s nothing to lose.