Choosing the right location to open a new hotel property or restaurant is crucial to success. Once that perfect location has been chosen it must be showcased to the public in the correct way to gain consumers. There are several important factors to make the location information as useful as possible.

Website sharing must be done in a way that makes it easy for consumers to navigate and get the information they need about the location. Simple information like restaurant hours and dining options for hotels can be difficult to find sometimes and consumers don’t have time for that. There is 120% more page views for hospitality – 85% for restaurants – when using individual location URL’s. Shangri-La Hotels has a list of their hotels that allow users to click on each one and go to its own property website with room options, dining options and photos of the property. It is very accessible.

Courtesy: Shangri-La Website

Full rich location listings drive SEO by 347% and increase listing views by 416%. So when Saggezza re-built P.F Chang’s website, we made sure the restaurant location listings were as complete and easy to navigate as possible. Clicking on each location takes users to its own URL with basics like restaurant hours, address, and phone number, a directions link via Google Maps, and more information including if the property does catering delivery, has patio dining, and accommodates large parties. We also included geolocation on mobile devices so guests can automatically be connected to their nearest location when entering the site. These changes resulted in about 30% increase in users, a 20% increase in new sessions and 35% more mobile traffic.

Courtesy: P.F. Chang’s Website

On social, Instagram geotagging improves the visibility of a post to people in the same area who may be looking for dining or lodging. It can also maintain connections with established consumers. “At the local level, we use our restaurant location pages and geo-targeting to drive awareness and engagement with our fans. We share news about new menu items, local fundraisers, and events we are involved with in the community,” says Jodie Conrad, Vice President of Marketing at Fazoli’s.

Overall, marketing a location well is just as important as choosing the location to build your property on. Sharing as much location information as possible is important to consumers today. If done right, website views increase, Instagram followers increase and most importantly, revenue increases as consumers bask in website usability.