Content management systems are plentiful, and it can be difficult to make a good decision about where to look for the right CMS for your needs. Some product teams have heavy third-party and back-end integration, some utilize more individual customer personalization, and yet others are focused on the ability to understand and shape their interactions with their consumers.
For all of these segments, Sitefinity has a solution. A feature-rich product with excellent integration capabilities, it’s easy to get started with Sitefinity – although it’s also easy to get lost in their veritable cornucopia of options. Need A/B testing, customer journey analysis, or predictive analysis? You’re covered. Same with drag/drop layouts, dynamic widgets, and individualized interactions. And if you use a series of other tools to help complete the experience, Sitefinity can help you hook them all together in a seamless web experience.
An easy-to-use page creation interface. Courtesy: Sitefinity.
However, this comes with a price – not only a cost tag that can be understandably higher than some others on the market – but with an understanding that nothing can be everything to everyone. Sitefinity’s drive to enable developers to do almost anything even through runtime (within reason) can occasionally hamper previews, and not every feature is as mature and robust as the enterprise content management solution.
If you know what you need, though, and have a clear idea of your path for the future, Sitefinity is a great option. It scales, it allows you to grow your presence alongside your business, and to change directions on a dime. Free or extremely-low-cost solutions can’t compete on features, support, security, or integration, and maintenance is a breeze. Getting started is a snap, and even the most jaded back-end teams will be impressed to see their visions come to life in a seamless blend of self-service and managed development operations.
Creating and integrating additional dashboards, like this one, is a key feature. Credit: Sitefinity.



  • Great Customization
  • Easy Installation / Maintenance
  • Excellent .NET Integration
  • Security Features


  • Feature Sprawl
  • Inconsistent Previewing
  • Developer Focus

Final Verdict

Enabling both developers and designers to create, manage, and deploy enterprise-ready sites, Sitefinity brings a wealth of abilities to the table that is hard to beat. While new users may be intimidated by the huge feature set and the focus on integration, the product line is easy to learn, mature, and can scale to meet the needs of every organization. Highly recommended.